Healing with Heat by Dr. Raleigh Duncan, Founder of Clearlight Saunas

It is fitting that Hippocrates Health Institute uses infrared saunas as a critical part of their healing regimen, for the ancient Greek physician, Hippocrates (commonly referred to as the father of Western medicine) is credited with saying: “Give me a fever and I can cure any disease.” Infrared saunas are a crucial element in any strategy for regaining and maintaining health.

I purchased my first infrared sauna many years  ago while a student at Chiropractic College. I was so fascinated with how it worked: penetrating healing heat, effective detox and immune boost — all in a comfortable, affordable package. Soon I was also putting my patients and friends in the infrared sauna and many were getting dramatic results and relief from everything from psoriasis and arthritis to fibromyalgia. I became so intrigued with what I felt and saw that I have spent the last sixteen years of my life studying and refining it’s healing properties to help people to live toxin free and enjoy healthier lives. You may wonder how does infrared accomplish all these things? The easiest explanation is far infrared saunas produce the same general wavelength of the infrared spectrum given off by the human body. We see it as our own energy. In practical terms it works with the body rather than against it, amplifying and strengthening the body’s own innate energy and immune system. Infrared boosts the body’s healing response We all know that stress causes disease, but what can we do about it? Meditation, enjoying nature, exercise — these are a few of the solutions that come to mind. In addition, spending time each day in an infrared sauna easily allows you to spend more time in the parasympathetic state (rest, digest, heal) and less time in the sympathetic state (fight, flight, constrict). Eventually the set point of the autonomic nervous system can be returned to a normal, healthy position and adrenal function can finally get a break. When the sympathetic system is dominant, adrenaline is secreted, heart rate and blood pressure increase and blood vessels constrict. As we sit in the infrared sauna, the blood vessels open, muscles relax, pain starts to subside and the body starts to actively heal rather than thinking it is being threatened. This is such an important concept that is often misunderstood and overlooked.  Our modern life with all its demands, technology and sensory input keeps us in a constant state of “fight or flight.” We were never designed to stay in this mode all the time, but rather only for shorter periods to help us get out of bad situations. Chronic “fight or flight” can keep us perpetually sick, while we wonder why we aren’t getting any better.  What to watch for Infrared saunas have been around for over thirty years and have gone through many changes, mostly in the evolution of the heating systems, wavelengths and elimination of electromagnetic frequency (EMF). Always be certain to check and have EMF readings verified before getting in any infrared sauna. To assure the best possible health experience for every guest, Hippocrates Health Institute has recently upgraded all their saunas, installing Clearlight Saunas’ exclusive highperformance combination carbon ceramic heaters with NO EMF exposure. Dr. George Yu, urological surgeon and sex hormone endocrinologist with special expertise on fat toxic accumulation in the body said the following: “Sweating using infrared saunas is an efficient way of pulling toxins from the blood stream to the skin for elimination. Modern heating systems are efficient, but you must make sure that the EMF, electrical magnetic field, is kept to a minimum. This is why I only recommend Clearlight Infrared Saunas.”

How should I use the infrared sauna?

In one of his talks, Dr. Brian Clement, Director of Hippocrates Health Institute, said the following based on his personal and clinical experience:

“I don’t go a day without a sauna. I don’t lecture anywhere if there isn’t a sauna available. I sauna seven days a week. Infrared is amazing. When you talk about chelating, guess what? Chelation is not the best way to get heavy metals out of your body; infrared saunas are. You take saunas with chlorella and you’ll get heavy metals and chemicals out. What you pay for chelation, you can buy an infrared sauna. I cannot say enough about it.”

Will this work for me?

Healing is not like curing; it’s so individual and depends on a host of variables. I’ll let one person’s experience with infrared point to what has been found by countless individuals using this breakthrough technology:

“I was in a mid-Lyme relapse for several years. I went for a trial session of a far-infrared sauna in a wheelchair, with a caretaker, greenish-grey and bloated with one foot in the grave! After three sessions I was out of the wheelchair …and after three months, I was able to get off the antibiotics, live independently and have a quality to my life again! I will be using this far infrared sauna for the rest of my life! As a national Lyme-literate Life Coach, Speaker, Journalist and Survivor, I feel the Clearlight “No-EMF” far infrared sauna should be a given in the home of every Lyme Disease patient as it provides the necessary, non-invasive internal detoxification which is a missing link in most Lyme Disease programs. And, best of all, it’s compatible with any doctor or practitioner’s protocols, as well as safe for all ages and family members at any stage of wellness.” — Annie Gabriel, CHt, Lyme Disease Angels ✦

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