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Small Group Personal Training is for those that want the benefits of personal training but want something more manageable money wise or just prefer working in a group.  Or maybe you and some friends are training together for an event or sport.  Small group training offers most of the benefits of personal training with the added benefit of a bit of healthy competition or moral support.

Once you have all completed your full assessments I will write programs that are personalised to your collective goals.

The workouts that I write for your group will, as always, be designed to drive you to your goals and beyond.

If you are training for a sport or sporting event your sessions may include workouts that are specifically designed to test your position in the ‘pack’, test how well you work together as a team or to promote spatial awareness etc etc.  These challenges will be a very important part of your training.  We can also do mirror drills so that you learn to read your opponents behaviour and give you that split second advantage.

If you are training to achieve a better quality of life or reduce low back pain, your workouts will revolve around being more functional and more in control of your body.

Whatever your collective goal, I will tailor the workouts to you and the group.

As with Personal training we first look to balance your bodies and set them up for success.  We will look to get everyone steaming ahead as soon as possible as after all that’s probably why you’ve come to see me!

If you are not looking to train for a specific event please make sure to start in plenty of time before your event/goal date.  If you need to be ready for an event that is in four weeks’ time… we might not get you to your full potential in that time.  We can still do as much as we can but not as much as if we had more lead in time.  I am a firm believer in striving for more than you think possible but we all have limits I’m afraid.