Personal Training is a great way to get reach your goals fast, no matter your goals.  Workouts are tailored to you and you alone and are constantly tweaked to make sure that you are always challenged and get you closer and closer to your goals and beyond!

Once you have completed your full assessments and we know where your body is now compared to where we want you to be.

As much as we all want to rush to getting to the good stuff… if the body isn’t ready it will let you know!  A little bit of patience at the beginning means that we can progress faster and easier than if we jump into the deep end too early.  I always get you through the starting exercises as soon as possible as there is no point dwelling on them for any longer than we need to – as soon as you are ready to take it to the next level we are steaming ahead!

So by tailoring your workouts to incorporate any imbalances within your body we set you up for greatly reduced injury risk so that you can work as hard as you want or need without worrying about whether your body will break down after time.

As we progress through our training we reassess your body to make sure that we are getting the results we want and so that we can readdress our goals to make sure that they are still the same… what if you initially thought you wanted to do a 5km race in six months time, but then decide actually you think you are ready for a 10km race?  We need to change our training focus otherwise you might not get the time you deserve for the 10km.

The benefit to one to one personal training over remote programming is that I am seeing you week in, week out so if there are any exercises that are becoming too easy and you should be doing a more advanced version, I can switch it up for you.  This kind of feedback also lets me know which systems within your body respond better/quicker and therefore which are slower to respond.  This could be very useful to see where more emphasis could be needed dependant upon your goals – if you are planning to become a tightrope walker but you can not even stand on one foot on the floor, we might need to draw back on other balance exercises until we can accomplish the single stand!