Personal Training is a great way to get reach your health and fitness goals fast!  Whether you want to get fit again after a child, get back into fitness after a break, train for a specific event or occasion, recover from injury, reduce your injury risk for later life or function better in a sport… the list goes on-we can achieve your goals!  Workouts are tailored to you and you alone and are constantly tweaked to make sure that you are always challenged and striving to get closer and closer to your goals and beyond!

Small Group Training is for those that want the benefits of Personal training but want something more manageable money wise or just prefer working in a small group.  This is also ideal if you and some friends are training together for an event or sport.  Small group Personal training offers most of the benefits of Personal training with the added benefit of a bit of healthy competition.

To be able to write you the best personalised programs I will use a full assessment to determine exactly what is going on with your body now, and what needs to be worked on to get you to reaching your goals whilst making sure your whole body is working to perfection. You can also book an assessment with me to get programs written for you to work on at home or in your own gym.

Whether you are a complete beginner, a seasoned athlete or recovering from an injury there is a class for you.  Although you can do any of my classes knowing that your needs will be met as I will tailor anything that needs to be for your needs.

The sauna is an amazing tool that can be used for… some me time and to relax, to help your body recover, or any number of benefits. If you have never used an infrared sauna before you must try it! My clients have all said they enjoy it and it is much more gentle than a normal sauna, that leaves me at least, feeling quite glad to get out! Although it is gentle, the infrared rays penetrate deep into the body, warming you from the core to get into your muscles and organs to do it’s thing.

If you need some TLC I can work on your problem areas to help get everything back working nicely again. We all get niggles every now and again and keeping on top of them help to reduce any larger problems if left untreated/ unmanaged. If you are not sure if you would benefit from a massage we can always have a chat. Sometimes you can do exercises yourself and don’t actually need a full massage.