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“Sue Beddall has assisted me in gaining a much better understanding of my body and how it works.

“Being an ageing sportsman with pressure of time, Sue has managed to assist me in taking my body’s ability to the extreme whilst avoiding any serious injuries.  Sue has the ability to communicate complex terminology and language into an understanding that not only makes sense, but also helps you learn much more about your body.

“Sue has provided me with many exercises, stretches and routines to ensure my body develops, becomes stronger and keeps risk free from injury.

“In essence, Sue is a Superstar!”

 Mark ‘Crazy Hands’ Gibbings – Onine Program and Martial Arts

“I would highly recommend Susan Beddall Holistic Training to everyone; whatever your goal. I needed to get healthy lose weight which was my main goal as I have diabetes. Being a wee bit lazy going to a regular gym never worked for me. I choose Susan because she is inspiring, always willing to talk and discuss any issues with injuries or other problems. There is always a solution with her. She keeps you motivated with her knowledge, well thought out program’s, always changing workouts keeping it fresh.  Susan is unique in that she has so much time for everyone encouraging motivating and listening. Injuries etc…. She always comes up with a solution. It’s not just the workouts she has the infra red sauna program which I found really relaxing and made my skin feel soft and healthy. There are diet program’s, walking (she is always finding different places to walk, woods, lakes, hill walking)  Brilliant”

Chris B – Classes, walking and sauna.

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“Susan is a very Knowledgeable and intuitive Trainer, she always has alternative exercises and cool down stretches to suit each client. She knows just how hard she can push you to get results.

“Susan was able to diagnose and advise on my knee problems when another trainer had no idea what was wrong.

“I cannot recommend her highly enough.”

Warren, Hemel Hempstead – Classes

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“After seeing both my parents decline rapidly last year, I decided my 2015 fitness goal was to ensure I was making time for exercise so I could ‘age well’- not following in my parents footsteps. With a busy job and lots of international travel, exercise is always the last thing I want to do. Working with Susans’ 1-2-1 training, I have been able to make (and keep!) a commitment to training. Our sessions focus on improving my range of motion, balance, flexibility and coordination. Susan has in-depth knowledge of the body and designs our sessions to address my unique phyiscal issues. I have been combining my personal sessions with with her amazing ‘Metabolic Madness’ classes and I’m feeling great!”

Michelle, Berkhamsted – Personal Training and Classes

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“I started training 1:1 with Susan to help me kick start getting fit again after a bad calf injury. At first the sessions were tailored around the injury, letting the healing complete but still getting a hard workout. Now I’m finding the variety is great, and also Susan listens and amends her plans based on my feedback. For example, over summer I’m doing a lot of cycling so I asked her to reduce the leg work I do. After 3 months I’ve definitely seen an improvement in my overall conditioning, especially my core strength, and have signed up for a further six months at the very competitive rates she offers.”

Ian, Berkhamsted – Personal Training and Classes

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“Susan is brilliant.

“She designs challenging programmes, always checks you’re exercising properly with good technique and… positioning, and she’ll push you – if you need a shove – to achieve more. 

“She really gets how bodies work – so is excellent with stretching and advice for injury niggles.  The complete package.”

Jane – Classes