I have classes six days a week.

The PAYG price is just £7 each.

Pay monthly packages are also available and work out even cheaper, starting at only £20 per month.

The classes fall into several categories:

Circuits;  Core Blimey!;  Take A Hike!;  Kickboxing.

Metabolic Madness

Circuits– these classes may use Kettlebells, Dumbbells, Bars, Swiss Balls, Medicine Balls, Suspension Trainers (like the TRX), battling ropes, Body weight and/or cardio exercises and much more.  It depends on the workout what we use.  You shouldn’t find the workouts repetitive as I like to make sure there is always variety in my classes.

Don’t worry if you are a beginner – there are enough repeats that you wont be completely lost with what is going on week to week.  This class is for all abilities and ages.  I will always correct technique and make sure you know what you are doing.  If you have any injuries that need to be worked around – they will be, to make sure that you still get a great workout.

Chief aim of the class?  Building toned muscle – no bulking.  Increased fitness and coordination.

coreCore Blimey!

– This is a core class that focusses on core development, Primal Pattern development and injury rehab/prehab.  Whilst this class is geared more towards those with stability issues and/or injury it is also good for those just looking to improve their general core ability, increase sports performance or to just age gracefully.  The classes are generally not hard hitting but more relaxed and fun.  If you would like to know anything more about this class and whether it would be good for you please contact me or pop in to see the class in action!

Chief aim of the class?  Core development, Primal Pattern development and injury rehab/prehab.

DSC00073Take a Hike! – Come join us for a walk in the country!  Walks that start at my studio will be very local to the studio so as not to waste too much time getting there – I will always try and get as much countryside in as possible to get the most out of the walk.  The Sunday walk will start a little further a field so that we can get the full country feel!

We also do a yearly challenge walk where we go for a slightly more challenging walk to test ourselves and see how much we have gained in the previous year.

If you don’t have transport don’t worry as there will always be someone driving and lifts will be given to all!


Kickboxing – Whether you want to work towards your very own Black Belt or just want to have a bit of fun whilst you get fit, this class will deliver. This class is not only a great way to stay fit though… it’s also a great way to boost your self esteem, reduce stress levels and learn something new whilst keeping that body moving.  All abilities are welcome and no pressure at all to do any grading’s!

Chief aim of the class?  Increase fitness and coordination whilst toning up and learning the art of Kickboxing.

timetable starts September 1st 2018