Stairway to a Heavenly Body? – Part 1

In my series of workouts which will grow by the month I will offer you ideas for what you can do when you can’t get to the gym or simply need to shake things up a bit.


You don’t always need the big fancy bits of equipment to get a good workout… sometimes your much better off without them even. I have learnt to be very resourceful for clients that wont to workout at home but don’t really want to take over their living room/shed/garage… with big expensive equipment.



  1.  Walk up the stairs, 6+ times
  2. Run up the stairs, 6 times
  3. Run up the stairs, one step at a time but put both feet on each stair 6 times (like any toddler tends to do)
  4. Walk up and down the stairs until your heart rate has gone back to normal as an active recovery before starting again or as a cool down at the end of your set.


Look easy?? The first time you do any workout always make sure you know exactly what you are doing before you start. That way you don’t need to keep stopping to see what you are doing next… unless you need a quick breather that is.


So what do you need to know before you start?


  • When you go up the stairs be sure to alternate which foot leads.
  • After climbing the stairs just make your way back down normally.
  • Make sure you have some water close by – you are already dehydrated by the time you feel thirsty!
  • When walking and running upstairs remember to drive your arms. When you are running upstairs with both feet going onto each step remember this especially as it will help rev up the metabolism even more!
  • H&S – we have to think about safety here – please make sure that the stairs/steps you are using are clear of obstructions etc. and do not pose a risk of slipping/tripping. If you are not using stairs/steps that you are used to; i.e. steps at your local park, please take your time to warm up properly and acquaint yourself with their natty quirks.



If you liked this post let me know and if you want to see more of this kind of thing in the future.


See you all soon





Before starting any exercise program please consult a doctor and if you are at all concerned about any of the techniques you should always speak to an exercise professional.