Some Like It Hot: A Case Study with Infrared Saunas and Asthma, Allergies and Heavy Metal Exposure by Dr. Raleigh Duncan, Fou…

Infrared Saunas are becoming an integral part of every good health regimen. The link between toxicity, inflammation, autoimmune disease and overall health needs to be objectively measured and reported. The following case study shows the outcome of one person’s regular infrared sauna usage and describes how the body can respond when the toxic burden is significantly lowered.
Clinical Features
Hannah K. presented as a typical 16-year-old female, who attended her local high school and was very active in various athletic programs. Hannah was first exposed to heavy metals in utero. She was adopted as an infant and her birth mother had taken drugs prior to her pregnancy. (Drugs are usually cut with fillers containing chemicals and heavy metals.) Throughout her childhood, Hannah suffered greatly from asthma, eczema, hives and multiple allergies. To help these conditions, Hannah became dependent on the asthma controller, Singular, as well as strong steroid inhalants including Qvar and Prednisone. She had terrible flare-ups of eczema and hives causing extreme discomfort and itching.
Intervention and Outcome
Hannah went to a naturopath who conducted a hair analysis, revealing high levels of aluminum, barium, cadmium, lead, mercury, nickel, silver, tin, titanium, uranium and other metals. Hannah’s family wanted a natural approach to help lower these high levels of heavy metals. Thinking chelation treatments would be too hard on Hannah’s kidneys, the naturopath recommended Hannah begin taking far infrared saunas regularly in order to start a gentle, yet effective detoxification program. Hannah went to Oasis Wellness Center in Westlake Village, California, and started using a Clearlight far infrared sauna three times a week for 30 – 40 minute sessions. Hannah was very enthusiastic as she began to feel and see results almost immediately. At first, in the sauna, Hannah’s sweat was milky looking, but within a few weeks her sweat cleared and her eczema improved noticeably. After six months, Hannah’s asthma symptoms decreased tremendously and her eczema and hives completely cleared up with no recurrences to date. Her allergies also lessened dramatically. After 15 months, the naturopath conducted another hair analysis. Comparing the results to the first test, he said, “It doesn’t even look like it’s from the same person!” The follow-up test showed 13 of the 14 heavy metals tested were at levels substantially lower than what is considered normal. Most were below the 20th percentile level, whereas in the first test a majority of the heavy metals were above the 80th percentile. For instance, Hannah had extremely high levels of Cadmium on her initial test, measuring 0.22. Her follow up test showed a 94% reduction to 0.014. (High Cadmium levels have been linked to breast cancer and pancreatic cancer.) Nine months later, Hannah’s health continues to improve. She’s off all the strong medications and only uses a rescue inhaler to control occasional exercise-induced asthma. Spring and fall are always the worst for her allergies and asthma and she reports this year has been “the best ever!” Her mother shares, “Hannah continues using the sauna and she feels like a new person. She’s never performed better on the basketball court. She moves with speed and agility without losing her breath and needing to rest. We couldn’t be more blessed with her recovery; it’s truly an answer to our prayers.” Hannah’s entire family is now thriving with regular use of the Clearlight infrared sauna they purchased for their home. Hannah’s mother enthusiastically describes their sauna as “our new health care plan!”
This is a common infrared sauna experience similar to many that have been reported and studied over the past thirty years. Toxicity can be a direct pathway to disease and when the body is overloaded, it cannot function correctly. Health cannot be regained or maintained until the body’s toxicity is addressed. The far infrared sauna is a remarkable health tool that works with the body to eliminate toxins. In other studies and case histories, the infrared sauna has also been shown to remove pain and strengthen the immune system.