Online programming is for those that have their own gym/space to workout in or simply want something to follow at a gym they are a member of.  All programs will be tailored to equipment/space and the time that you have available or are happy to buy.

Your program will start with a Full Body Assessment – face to face ideally, but please contact me if this isn’t an option to start your program off.  Once you have completed your assessments and we know where your body is out of balance compared to where we want you to be, I will write programs that are personalised to your goals; as with all of my programs.

You will receive a link to your page on my other website which contains your workouts.  All the exercises are laid out in an easy to follow fashion online or print off to take with you.  The exercises each have a step by step explanation on how to complete the exercise along with a video to see it too.  Take a look for more information here.

No matter where you are now or what you aim to accomplish there is always the right package for you!  Remote Programming allows those with a tight budget or an unpredictable work schedule to still get the most out of their training specifically driving toward your goals in rather than simply trying to fit what they can in wherever they can.  This approach; whilst it suits some, will rarely produce any real results… or lasting.

There will be times where; depending on what your goals are, I will recommend some face to face training to start off your program but you are always in control of what you want me to give you.

767495ab92732dac03084e8321ed69a2As the workouts are aimed to meet you where you are fitness/ability wise you will never get anything so complicated that there is no way of you following the program!  If you are new to weights for example this is where I would offer face to face training to be happy that your technique is good and not lead to injury!!  If you simply aren’t able to do face to face we go slowly to begin with to build up your confidence and ability so we don’t cause more issues than we started with.  On the flip side, I’m not going to give you a workout you could do with your hands tied behind your back!  This is a waste of time for anyone and will not achieve any real results.  To change we first have to challenge!

Is there anything that you can’t train for remotely?

There are always exceptions to the rule but if you are motivated and ready to challenge your body… we can put a plan together to achieve your goals for pretty much anything you can dream.

How long do the programs last for? 

This is an important question as you shouldn’t keep doing the same workouts for too long but you also need to do them long enough to take effect.  Depending on your goal, and current status we will need to reassess your progress every four weeks to every twelve weeks or so.  I, and no doubt you also, am eager to progress you as quickly as possible through your training towards your goals and beyond.  This is true especially at the beginning when we are trying to lay the foundations.