Personal Training is a great way to get reach your health and fitness goals fast!  Whether you want to get fit again after a child, get back into fitness after a break, train for a specific event or occasion, recover from injury, reduce your injury risk for later life or function better   in a sport… the list goes on-we can achieve your goals!  Workouts are tailored to you and you alone and are constantly tweaked to make sure that you are always challenged and striving to get closer and closer to your goals and beyond!

Small Group Training is for those that want the benefits of Personal training but want something more manageable money wise or just prefer working in a small group.  This is also ideal if you and some friends are training together for an event or sport.  Small group Personal training offers most of the benefits of Personal training with the added benefit of a bit of healthy competition.


Whether you are a complete beginner, a seasoned athlete or recovering from an injury there is a class for you.  Although you can do any of my classes knowing that your needs will be met as I will tailor anything that needs to be for your needs.
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Whether you are looking to start training, brush up on technique, get an extra edge for a fight or simply have a bit of fun whilst getting fit I can get you there.  I am a Black Belt Kick boxer and have been doing Martial Arts for about 18 years now (makes me feel old!).   I offer fitness classes, Personal Training, Small Group training and seminars to help you on your quest – whatever it might be.

There are also regular Grading’s for those that want to work their way to being a Black Belt.


Remote programming is for those that have their own gym/space to workout or simply want something to follow at a gym they are a member of or perhaps whilst away from home.  This package could also be beneficial to those looking to recover from injury.  All programs will be tailored to equipment/space and the time that you have available.  This service is offered as a package deal.  You get an assessment which I use to write a program to suit your needs that you can follow along with at home/gym/…  with a full video demonstration and description.  You can also log your workouts and send me messages or ask questions at any time.
Please also check out my other website for a few more details – HERE


Full assessments let us see what is happening in your body.  Not only does it give us insight into why you might have the injury(s) or niggles that you are experiencing it can also let us know where you might be at risk of injury in the future.  Without knowing these little bits of information you could easily start an exercise program that would cause all kinds of unnecessary issues.

Rehabilitation and pain reduction

Being CHEK qualified I am very qualified to treat most injuries and injury patterns.  Using simple, tailored and effective exercises to get you back on your feet my programs will help you to address the underlying issue that caused the injury in the first place.


This is a very broad area and will be fully tailored to your needs.  Whether you feel life isn’t going quite where you want it to or there are some issues that just don’t seem to go away we can look into what is going on with your body/in life that can be easily remedied through some simple lifestyle and or dietary changes.  Everything is taken at your own pace and comfort level… although I will push you where I think you can take it.

If you want to know more about this service please contact me to book a free consultation to see if what I offer is going to work for you.