How do you choose a trainer…

foto-Personal-trainer1If you don’t know the person(s) you are considering as a Personal Trainer how do you decide if they are right for you?

It’s a big decision to make when you are looking for a Personal Trainer and there are many factors that can, and should sway your choices.

When you are looking for a trainer do you go for someone who…

  • you get on with
  • looks the part
  • the cheapest / most expensive
  • has loads of pieces of paper
  • has been around for years
  • someone that has struggled with the same issues (blessings) you face…

In my experience finding someone you get on with on a personal level is a great place to start – what good is the best trainer in the world if you don’t look forward to your sessions because you simply don’t like/get on with them?

Obviously this isn’t all you need to consider.  You need someone that knows their stuff and is able to deliver results too.  This is where the way the person talks about what they do will steer you well.  The best trainers are passionate about what they do – you want someone that that does the job because they love it!  I generally spend at least as long behind the scenes as I do face to face with a client (usually more) making sure that everything is on track and that the workouts written are moving you to the right results.  This doesn’t count the time on general research, training courses and workshops that all take time and money.  You don’t spend that time unless you really love what you do…. Some trainers try and simply fill their calendar with as many clients as possible and give out standard programs to reduce the amount of work that they have to do whilst maximising profits!  This isn’t the type of trainer you want… you deserve better!

You should always be careful of anyone that promises results which sound too good to be true… they probably are.  Unfortunately we all have to work for the results we want no matter how much we’d love to take a magic pill.

Do you get someone that looks the part?  Not necessarily.  Some Personal Trainers don’t have to work hard to achieve their look.  They don’t know what it is like to have to train hard to loose weight or have to go through rehab work.  I’ve had to work bloody hard for my achievements and know just how important it is to have someone to

  • understand how hard it is to keep going
  • ask stupid questions to and not feel stupid about it
  • someone to understand that point when you wonder if it’s all worth it and if you are actually getting anywhere
  • know that someone cares if you succeed
  • someone that is able to steer you back on track if you need it.

You can achieve just about anything you put your mind to so dream big and don’t let anyone stop you! – that includes yourself.

Someone with a thousand pieces of paper and charges through the nose simply because of these pieces of paper isn’t necessarily going to give you better results… some times they will but don’t rely simply on the pieces of paper they have.  We have all done exams etc and got the piece of paper but never used it and thus forgotten almost all of it… How much of your school subjects do you remember everything from?  You did all the work and got pieces of paper for your GCSE’s and or A’ Levels but do you know it?… I’m not in anyway saying that fitness qualifications or those possessing them are useless – I wouldn’t continue to do courses myself if I believed that!  What I am trying to convey is that we don’t remember everything that we learn, we remember the information that we use and need… I couldn’t tell you the first thing I learnt at school about geography or history despite getting good grades because I just don’t use it but ask me about anything fitness and rehabilitation wise and that’s another story.  I love training and helping others to get the best out of their training.  I never stop learning and pushing my clients and my own limits.

So who am I and why should you consider me as a trainer?

I’m not what you would call the stereotype of what a Personal Trainer looks like… I have had more struggles than many and am actually in this job due to my own struggles and a determination to get the results I both wanted and deserved.  I saw from a first hand experience that there was something lacking in the industry when it came to bodies as complex as mine.  I have been working on some of my issues for over 15 years and have learnt so much both about my body and about myself.  I have medical conditions that try and hold me back and I have had injuries that have taken me back a step or two but none of this has stopped me in the long run – I overcome my challenges and push towards my goals.

This doesn’t mean I only train people with ‘problems’ though.  I just really know how hard it is to come back from that place when nothing is working so try and keep all my clients from having to deal with any unnecessary complications.

susan (2) Susan (3) susan







I have been much larger than I am now (the pictures above are the ‘worst’ pictures I have of myself although not at my worst) and I have also been smaller albeit not as healthy as I am now.  I was much lighter but was unable to eat much due to the state of my digestion and couldn’t sleep…. loads of stuff.

I have three conditions that make weight loss difficult and I really do have to work hard to achieve anything.  My working hard doesn’t necessarily mean training harder though.  Exercise is a stress to the body so; as much as we may hate it, sometimes we need to learn to chill a little – maybe go for a walk instead of the 4 hour block of training you had planned.  I have a thyroid issue that I manage through diet.  I have PCOS which I manage through diet and exercise.  I also have Lipoedemia which means that my legs are larger than I’d like and very painful, and my arms in the last few years but do I let this stop me?  Hell no!














I know that whilst my attempts to reduce symptoms are never going to give me the body of an airbrushed model I’m more than happy with that!  My body may always be a bit rough around the edges but that doesn’t mean that all the hard work and lifestyle changes aren’t worth it.

Weight loss isn’t my only accomplishment though (and rarely my focus as pain was my motivator more than anything else).  I was about 18 when it was first discovered that my left hip was pretty twisted and putting strain on my whole body causing many of the symptoms I was experiencing.  (If you look at the pictures above you can even see some evidence of the rotated and twisted hip).  After seeing a Physio it was deemed likely that I was born with the issue as nothing in my history could explain it.  I obviously grew up adapting to the problem so nothing was really noticed as my body worked… to a point when I starting pushing it in the gym.  This extra pressure finally highlighted that something was limiting me.  After starting to get the issue addressed not everything got better straight away – I had to adjust and build/relax muscles that weren’t able to work properly before – it was a loooong journey.  I learnt so much about how the body works through the rehab I did for my hip among other issues.  I was lucky to have a couple of great people help me on my journey through it and they learnt a lot on the way too I’m sure.

I ended up with a Prolapsed disc mostly because of the hip and boy did this teach me a lot about using your body correctly and not rushing back into training!  I continued for a while to do kickboxing with the prolapsed disc and weight trained and… I was silly and in the ended up taking 18 months off training when I could of taken far less if I had just been sensible!!!!  I always had pretty spot of technique and wasn’t too stupid with pushing my limits but when you prolapse your disc you basically have to relearn a lot of stuff that you took for granted!  Before the back issue I had great balance and did loads of stuff on the swiss ball… after I couldn’t even sit on one with both feet on the floor without falling to one side.  I remember at least one of my two PT’s at the time finding this hilarious – in a good way along with me as the harder I tried to sit there the more my face contorted in sheer effort with much the same result each time.  How could I not sit on a ball that I could stand on!  Needless to say I got through this and other blips to become what I am today.

My story is much longer than this but that’s for a another day.

If you think I might be a good fit for you get in touch now and book a FREE consultation.