Chi Machine

The Chi Machine is something that isn’t widely known… but has huge benefits to offer!

Major health benefits….

  • Oxygenation of the body’s cells
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Balances the spine, strengthen’s the joints
  • Firms and tones the lower body
  • Increases range of motion & flexibility
  • Improves internal organs’ functions
  • Increases lymphatic drainage – detoxify
  • Relaxes the autonomic nervous system
  • Aids digestion and elimination
  • Promotes weight loss
  • Improves blood Circulation
  • Experiences deeper, sounder sleep
  • Relieves many stress-related conditions

What to bring with you

You don’t really need to bring much with you for using the Chi Machine by itself. You use it fully clothed and simply lie down and relax.

If you are using the Chi Machine along with the Infrared Sauna Cocoon then you will only need a few extra things.

Please bring a large towel with you, one that you can use to wipe yourself and the cocoon down after your session.

Water –  You should be well hydrated before using the Chi Machine or going into the sauna and then you will want to top up your water levels during/afterwards.

A change of clothes – you will likely get sweaty if you are using the sauna too so you may not want to walk out of here in the same clothes you wore in the sauna especially – when it is a little cooler in temperature outside.

Eye Mask – feel free to bring an eye mask so as to relax fully whilst lying in the cocoon.


You can choose to use the Chi Machine with or without the Infrared Sauna Cocoon.

The prices are below:

 AloneWith 15 Minute Cocoon SessionWith 30 Minute Cocoon SessionWith 45 Minutes Cocoon SessionWith 60 Minutes Cocoon Session
Monthly - Once a week£19£33£49.50£58.50£66
Monthly - Twice a week£35£63.50£74£85£95
Monthly - Three weekly£45£70.50£93£105£115