Are you looking for a great way to kick start your training?

Who is the package for?

  • Those that have decided that now is the time to start an exercise regime… or maybe restart one
  • Those needing a little more motivation to keep on track or get started in a new goal
  • Those serious about getting results
  • Those that have tried to do alone but now need a little help to get organised and get a plan in place
  • Or… Anyone, at any stage of their training to get to the next level.

What is included?

  • Full Body Assessment worth £120 – FREE
    • If you are going to push your body we want to make sure that it’s ready!  No matter your goals we need to make sure the body is ready for the next stage in your training whether you are just starting or have been doing it a while.  Thing of your body as a bicycle wheel – would you persist in riding a bike with a wheel that has all the spokes misaligned?  No – before your next ride you straighten the wheel to make sure you get to the end of the journey… if we don’t there is almost a 100% chance of disaster.  In your first session we will see if you have any weak areas that need a little TLC and I will write you a program if needs be to help those areas if it is something you are able to do at home so that we can make the most of the Personal Training sessions and classes.  For most things we can simply adapt exercises slightly so that we aren’t doing more harm than good without having to stop completely doing pure rehab.
  • Personal Training
    • Choose between once a week or twice a week.  All sessions will be designed around you as I don’t believe in generic programs – we are all unique and deserve a program that is as unique as we are!  The sessions will start in week one so you get a full six weeks to make the most of the sessions.  
  • Classes
    • For the six weeks of the program you can select any two classes on the timetable to join.  All classes need to be booked in advance so as to guarantee space and avoid disappointment.  We will discuss in the assessment process which classes will suit you best given your current training level and goals.

How much is it going cost?



Maximum of one per person

Only for new PT clients or anyone that hasn’t done PT with me for at least three months (those currently using any other service are welcome to purchase)

There is a limit of four people on this deal at any one point.

Payment must be made in full up front to get the full discount

Payment can be made in two instalments as follows –

1 PT/wk – first payment before start – £152, second payment before third week starts – £151.

2 PT/wk – first payment before start – £231, second payment before third week starts – £231.