Martial Arts Training
Even if you have no interest in being the next Bruce Lee/Van Damme/fill in the blank; Kickboxing is a great way to tone up, lose weight and get fit… it’s also a great way to de-stress!  Martial Arts have also been used for building coordination and self confidence.
I am a Black Belt Kickboxer and can help you get fit, learn the basics, sharpen your skills or even help you train for a fight.
I run regular gradings so if you have your sights on a Black Belt get in touch!
We can train Martial Arts by hitting pads, incorporating it into circuit style workouts or sparring (for fun or technique) its up to you and what you want to achieve.
I believe that you should always enjoy your training so train between two levels –
  • For Fun – If you are only training for fun you learn enough technique to avoid injury and complete the sessions that we have planned.  If you want to learn more technique as we go, we will learn more… if you don’t, we wont.  I’m not going to teach you to be the next Rocky; unless you are planning to be the next Rocky!
  • For Sport – If you are looking to compete or be at a level where you could compete you need a higher ability and skill set.  If this is your dream then we will take technique a LOT more seriously and ensure that everything we do is geared towards the ‘fight’ whether it be figuratively or literally.  We will also look to avoid injury as this cuts into your training time.  All sports have their postural adaptations which develop but they are all avoidable.  Have you ever noticed the posture of some boxers?  Some will tell you that this is a good thing as they are already in position, ready to go… nothing could be further from the truth!  If we correct posture as we go through our training not only will you avoid injury but you will develop better skills; and quicker!
  •  Then in between – wherever you fit between these two; that’s where we’ll train.
    With Personal Training we can add Martial Arts into your programs as something fun every now and to compliment your training goals or work on specific Martial Art objectives.
    Martial Arts is also well suited to Small Group Training as you will get to train with different people.  Everyone has their own style so it is important to work with others if you are training for sport or have an interest.  If also gives you a bit of competition if you are competitive to get ahead of the group.